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Join in lively discussions on ethical data stewardship in an era of unprecendented speed & scale

The emerging domain of Data Ethics raises questions about accountability, algorithms, compliance, economics, equity, judgment, privacy, risk, and values at a time when consumer trust is at its lowest. How are organizations contending with the new normal? Will recent and pending legislation solve the right problems? Why are Data Ethics an urgent issue for data professionals and their organizations? What can be done? What should be done?

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As we've seen recently, platforms that were once heralded as democratizing innovations are now under scrutiny with respect to how personal data is collected, managed, shared, stored, and destroyed. Traditional governance frameworks and risk-mitigation strategies are insufficient for the challenges facing organizations in the digital era. This interest group aims to keep EDMConnect members apprised of the latest academic research, regulatory developments, and best practices for ethical data management through the exchange of relevant articles, first-hand accounts, and expert commentary.

Data Ethics are relevant to every industry and sector. The membership of the EDM Council includes major participants from several sectors involved in Data Ethics (e.g., banking & fintech, insurance, health, auto, manufacturing). EDM Council can play a key role in:

  • Raising awareness of the importance of Data Ethics,
  • Synthesizing timely research findings and emerging standards, and
  • Bringing together the expertise to establish best practices and influence emerging standards.

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Diana Ascher, PhD, MBA
Senior Advisor on Data Ethics, EDM Council
Founder, Information Ethics & Equity Institute

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