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EDMConnect is the global online portal for connecting with your peers, joining groups and to collaborate on all things data management. EDMConnect operates on your PC, tablet and Smartphone and you can personalize EDMConnect to your interests and preferences. As a Non-Member Organization Guest you have access to portions of EDMConnect as outlined below.

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My EDMConnect

  • Complete your profile - a great way to become known across the industry is to take the time to complete your EDMConnect profile.
    • Select MyEDMConnect from the Home tab on the Main Menu
    • On the left rail you select Edit My Profile to add you information
    • Above Edit My Profile - make sure you add your head-shot image
  • Personalize your settings - The 3 sub-menu tabs give you visibility into your Connections and Networks, Privacy Settings and Preferences, and your personal EDMConnect Inbox
    • My Connections has all your peer contacts, networks, and communities you belong to
    • My Account lets you configure privacy settings for your personal information and preferences in your email and notifications from communities you belong to, and set up a personalized discussion signature
    • >Your Inbox is your own personal EDMCouncil Inbox for messages

Levels of Engagement

EDMConnect provides a hierarchy of engagement beginning with the broadest and lightest level of involvement and funneling down to very targeted and concentrated opportunities. As an EDM Council Guest, you are entitled to participate in Open Interest Groups and Community Forums. These groups and forums are open to all guests and members. The objective is to allow guests to communicate with a larger group of practitioners, raising questions, sharing insights, and recommend topics for the EDM Council agenda.

  • Open Interest Communities - are open to all members and guests and are formed to organize participants into a group with common interests and expertise to openly share ideas, experiences and challenges.
  • Member User Groups - are open to all members and are formed around topics of Data and Data Management standards. The objective of the group is to allow members to share practical experiences to inform the development of Data and Data Management standards.
  • Work Groups - are open to members by invitation only to ensure both deep subject matter expertise and representation from all member categories as applicable: large and small institutions, consultants, vendors, and regulators. A Work Group is always aligned to a related Member Interest Group in order to share the Best Practice as it is developed for review and input by the interest group members. Work Group membership is a commitment by the individual and their organization of both time and subject matter expertise to be actively engaged in the Best Practice development process.

  • Join Communities
    • Browse Available Communities
    • Open Interest Groups are open for guests to join
      • Review the Group Names to find a community of your interest
      • You can join directly from the directory or select the Community Name to go to their home page and join from there
    • Community Discussions
      • Discussions are accessible from the Community Home page in EDMConnect
      • Select Participate - Discussion
      • You can post a new discussion topic or respond to an existing thread
    • Work Groups are invitation-only, you can request joining as follows:
      • For Cloud Data Management Work Group membership invitation request, contact, Jubair Patel
      • For ESG Work Group membership, contact, Eric Bigelsen

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